Winter Series (G.T and European F-3 classes) kick off in Jerez this week

G.T in action on Jerez track (SIC

European F-3 Open (SIC


10th February 2014. The Winter Series will open the 2014 season on 14 and 15 February, at the Circuito de Jerez, with a two-day sesión exclusively devoted to private testing. The track in Andalusia will host teams and cars of the International GT Open and the European F3 Open, which will have up to eight hours of track activity per category. Jerez, which will host Round 3 of both series later in June, will be the prelude to what promises to be another exciting season for the two championships.

GT Sport has published today the timetable of this first event of 2014.

Friday and Saturday (14th & 15th february)

European F-3 OPEN 09.00-10.00 / International G.T Open 10.00-11.00 / European F-3 Open 11.00-12.00 / International G.T Open 12.00-13.00 / European F-3 Open 13.00-14.00 / International G.T Open 14.00-15.00 / European F-3 Open 15.00-16.00 / International G.T Open 16.00-17.00




54 AF Corse (Claudio Sdanewitsch-Michele Rugolo) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

55 AF Corse (Adrien De Leener-Pierre Marie De leener Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

56 AF Corse (Nasrat Muzyyin-Rui Aguas) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

57 AF Corse (Giorgio Roda-Paolo Ruberti) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

58 Baporo Motorsport (R.Mavlanov-I.Taranov-D.Zampieri) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

59 Baporo Motorsport (V.Maleev-José M.Perez-Aicart) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

60 PRO GT by Philippe Almeras (F.Perera-E.Dermont-L.Lassere) Porsche 997 GT3 R 2013 (gts)

64 Black Bull Swiss Racing (M.Venturi-J.Camathias) Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (GTS)

65 Kessel Racing (V. Gitlin) Ferrari 458 Challenge (GTS)

66 Kessel Racing (P.Goerke) Ferrari 458 Challenge (GTS)

67 Kessel Racing (F.Mercks) Ferrari 458 Challenge (GTS) 



5 Team West Tec (Yarin Stern) Dallara F312

6 Team West Tec (Camero Twyntham) Dallara F312

8 Team West Tec (Tanart Sathienthirakul) Dallara F312

9 Team West Tec (Christopher Hoeher) Dallara F312

10 Emilio de Villota Motorsport (Beitske Visser) Dallara F312

11 Emilio de Villota Motorsport (Yu Kanamaru) Dallara F312

12 Emilio de Villota Motorsport (Chewon Im) Dallara F312

20 Campos Racing (Konstantin Tereschenko) Dallara F312

21 Campos Racing (Sean Walkinshaw) Dallara F312

22 Campos Racing (Alex Palou) Dallara F312

33 Team West-Tec (Chang Wing Chung) Dallara F308

88 Team West-Tec (Well Fung Thong) Dallara F308