García, Kunii, Pons, Bertelle and Ibáñez prevail in Jerez

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Edgar Pons ganador en Moto2

Así se ha luchado en Moto3, momento de la caída de Sergio Garcia

Podium de la 1ª carrera de Moto3

Podium de la 2ª carrera de Moto3


Podium European Talent Cup (1ª carrera)

David Muñoz, Jerez Andalucia Motor Talent conseguía finalizar sexto en ambas carreras

Kawasaki Z Cup

30th september. The Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto was the ideal setting for the sixth round of the FIM CEV Repsol, in which Yuki Kunii (Asia Talent Team) and Sergio Garcia (Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) shared the victories in Moto3™, Edgar Pons (AGR) Team) chalked up his third consecutive triumph in Moto2™ and Matteo Bertelle (SIC 58 Squadra Corse) took both wins in the European Talent Cup. Óscar Ibáñez (Noyes Camp) won the second European Kawasaki Z Cup race of the weekend.

Yuki Kunii took his first victory of the season in the Moto3™ Junior World Championship in a race marked by Sergio Garcia’s fall in the last corner, which took down Ai Ogura (Asia Talent Team) and forced Manuel Pagliani (Leopard Junior) off the track as they challenged for the podium places. Yuki Kunii crossed the finish line first followed by Raúl Fernández (Angel Nieto Team) and Aleix Viu (Marinelli Sniper Team).

Sergio García and Ai Ogura pulled clear in the first lap of the race followed by Yuki Kunii, Manuel Pagliani and Raúl Fernández. With five laps to go, the chasing group reached the front two riders and challenged for the race lead. In the end the Asia Talent Team rider crossed the line first, followed by Raúl Fernández and Aleix Viu, with Jeremy Alcoba (Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) fourth and Manuel Pagliani fifth. Yuki Kunii received the Repsol free fuel cheque as race winner.

In the second Moto3™ race of the day, Sergio García took advantage of the pole position he earned on Saturday to take his third win of the season on a tight final lap. The Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider passed Ai Ogura in the last corner to win while Manuel Pagliani, who had led part of the race, finished third. Yuki Kunii, winner of the first race, came in fourth ahead of Raúl Fernández and Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo), who never had a real chance to challenge for the podium positions. The Repsol free fuel cheque was awarded to race winner Sergio García. After this double race day, Raúl Fernández continues as leader of the Moto3™ JWCh, 32 points ahead of Manuel Pagliani.

In Moto2™, Edgar Pons was unstoppable on the way to his third consecutive victory. The AGR Team rider led away and lap by lap he pulled clear, followed by Jesko Raffin (Swiss Innovative Investors Junior). Hector Garzó (Team Wimu CNS), who set the pole time but who was sanctioned and started down the grid, was hit by Miquel Pons (Bullit) in the second corner and was out of the race. Marc Alcoba (Dynavolt Intact Junior Team) also crashed out on the third lap when he was running third. Dimas Ekky (Astra Honda Racing Team) moved into third place, a good distance behind the leader of the category, Jesko Raffin. With five laps to go the Astra Honda Racing Team rider was overtaken by Tommaso Marcon (Team Ciatti), who took the last position on the podium. David Sanchís (EasyRace Moto2 Team) was the best in the Superstock 600 category. Edgar Pons took the Repsol free fuel cheque. Jesko Raffin will start the next meeting in Albacete as leader of the category, 47 points clear of this Sunday’s winner.

Matteo Bertelle claimed victory in the first race of the ETC in a thrilling final lap. From the start Carlos Torrecillas (Moto Point Team) led the race followed by Xavier Artigas (Honda Impala) with Matteo Bertelle, José Antonio Rueda (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) and David Salvador (Cuna de Campeones) further back, along with other riders.

By the seventh lap a group of nine riders were setting up to challenge for the victory, among whom were Adrián Fernández (Ajo Motosport) and Marcos Uriarte (MRE Talent). Carlos Torrecillas fell with two laps to go. On the last lap, Matteo Bertelle was leading  the race when second placed Xavier Artigas passed him on the last corner. However, the SIC 58 Squadra Corse rider ended up crossing the line just 10 thousandths ahead of his challenger, with José Antonio Rueda (Talent team Estrella Galicia 0,0) third in the wake of the new leader of the category, Xavier Artigas. Matteo Bertelle was presented with the Repsol free fuel cheque.

In the second ETC race of the day Matteo Bertelle secured another rousing victory, followed by David Salvador (Cuna de Campeones) and Xavier Artigas. The race was electrifying with an initial group of nine riders growing to 15 fighting for victory. On the last lap, Adrián Fernández, José Antonio Rueda, Julián Giral (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) and Carlos Torrecillas lost their chances after crashing out in separate incidents. The Repsol free fuel cheque went to Matteo Bertelle. Xavier Artigas is the new leader of the category, with Víctor Rodríguez (Laglisse Academy) 21 points behind and David Salvador trailing the leader by 30 points.

The second EKZ Cup race of the weekend was stopped by a red flag after an accident, and Óscar Ibáñez took his first victory in the restarted race. Joan Sardanyons (Proelit) remains leader despite not having ridden at Jerez after being injured in a fall during Friday's practice session.

The next round of the  FIM CEV Repsol will take place at Albacete on October 14.



MOTO 3 – Race 1

1. Yuki KUNI, ASIA TALENT TEAM – 28:45.198  2. Raúl FERNÁNDEZ, ÁNGEL NIETO TEAM – 28:45.331  3. Aleix VIU, MARINELLI SNIPER TEAM – 28:49.037  4. Jeremy ALCOBA, JUNIOR TEAM ESTRELLA GALICIA – 28.51.102  5. Manuel PAGLIANI, LEOPARD JUNIOR – 28:54.480  6. Can ÖNCÜ, RED BULL KTM AJO – 28:56.183


1. Matteo BERTELLE, SIC 58 SQUADRA CORSE – 27:57.782  2. Xavier ARTIGAS, HONDA IMPALA – 27:57.782   3. José Ant. RUEDA, TALENT TEAM ESTRELLA GALICIA – 27:57.904  4. Adrián FERNÁNDEZ, AJO MOTORSPORT – 27:58.192  5. David SALVADOR, CUNA DE CAMPEONES – 27:58.826  6. David MUÑOZ, JEREZ ANDALUCIA MOTOR TALENT – 27:59.016


1. Edgar PONS, AGR TEAM – 29:30.721  2. Jesko RAFFIN, SWISS INNOVATIVE INVESTOR – 29:38.527  3. Tommaso MARCON, TEAM CIATTI – 29:40.484  4. Dimas EKKY, ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM – 29:42.240  5. Lukas TULOVIC, TEAM WIMU CNS – 29:43.053  6. Alessandro ZACCONE, XCTECH MODULA – 29:43.636


1. Jesko Raffin, SWISS INNOVATIVE INVESTOR – 171 puntos  2. Edgar Pons, AGR TEAM – 124 puntos  3. Augusto Fernández, EASYRACE – 101 puntos


1. David SANCHIS, EASYRACE MOTO 2 TEAM – 30:08.578  2. Daniel SAEZ, CHAMPI WOMEN RACING TEAM – 30:36.826  3. Chandler COOPER, XCTECH MODULA – 30:43.567


1. Roman Fischer, PINAMOTO RS – 144 puntos  2. Alessandro Zetti, FAU55RACING – 124 puntos  3. Chandler Cooper, XCTECH MODULA – 109 puntos

MOTO 3 – Race 2

1. Sergio GARCÍA, JUNIOR TEAM ESTRELLA GALICIA – 28:50.260  2. Ai OGURA, ASIA TALENT TEAM – 28:50.290  3. Manuel PAGLIANI, LEOPARD JUNIOR – 28:50.337  4. Yuki KUNII, ASIA TALENT TEAM – 20:50.488  5. Raúl FERNÁNDEZ, ANGEL NIETO TEAM – 28:53.400  6. Deniz ÖNCÜ, RED BULL KTM AJO – 28:53.406


1. Raúl Fernández, ANGEL NIETO TEAM – 155 puntos  2. Manuel Pagliani, LEOPARD JUNIOR – 123 puntos  3. YUKI KUNII, ASIA TALENT TEAM – 98 puntos


1. Matteo BERTELLE, SIC 58 SQUADRA CORSE – 28:07.175  2. David SALVADOR, CUNA DE CAMPEONES – 28:07.178  3. Xavier ARTIGAS, HONDA IMPALA – 28:07.306  4. Fermín ALDEGUER, BESTER CAPITAL DUBAI JUNIOR – 28:07.747  5. Víctor RODRÍGUEZ, IKONO MOTORBIKE LAGLIS – 28:08.008  6. David MUÑOZ, JEREZ ANDALUCÍA MOTOR TALENT – 28:08.039


1. Xavier Artigas, HONDA IMPALA – 118 puntos  2. Víctor Rodríguez, LAGLISSE ACADEMY – 97 puntos  3. David Salvador, CUNA DE CAMPEONES – 88 puntos


1. Oscar IBAÑEZ, NOYES CAMP – 9:27.473  2. Abian Ángel SANTANA, BERMODEL RACING – 9:29.240  3. Javier VALERA, RACING FOR ALBACETE – 9:29.539


1. Abian Ángel Santana, BERMODEL RACING - 78 puntos  2. Gabriel Dúran, CENTRO MOTO – 70,5 puntos  3. Javier Valera, RACING FOR ALBACETE – 70,5 puntos